Roberto Faraglia

Roberto's family are all from Lowellville, Ohio (little Italy) and hold dear to their hearts, their love for the  Italian heritage, cooking and entertaining. As a young child Roberto would help his mother and grandmothers cook & showed Roberto how they make their wonderful sauce & meatballs, and home made pastas, plus an array of delicious Italian dishes- all from scratch of course. Roberto was fascinated with their love of everything Italian and knew that, he himself, would inspire to be a great cook one day & open a restaurant....and the rest is history!


John Naples

John on the other hand, has dabbled in many things in life- some enjoyable- but not his dream! His passion is food & pleasing the customers, that always leave with a big smile & a "well be back" thumbs up! John's knack for decorating has come in handy, as the restaurant is decorated perfectly in the Tuscan style- very cozy & comfortable!